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  • New Septic Systems
  • Tank Replacement
  • Drain Field Repairs
  • Fresh Water Reservoirs

Having a quality functioning septic tank begins with proper site preparation before the tank is even put into the ground. By plotting out the right area, ensuring that the foundation of the installation is sound and that the process is approached with an eye for sustainability, we’ll make sure that your tank is ready to serve you to its fullest for years and years to come. We’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a tank isn’t installed with the proper care.  We make it a point to take the right approach the first time so that your septic tank functions appropriately. Our sound installation complies with every code and regulation. If your septic system has reached the end of its functioning life or you are building new construction outside of the city sewer system reach Solid Rock Trucking and Excavating is who to call for a septic system repair or installation.

"I called Cody on Monday after he was referred to me by Mitchel at King's Pumping.  Mitchell said he had complete trust in Cody Robertson.  Cody responded to my call immediately.  He came to look at the job the next day, on Wednesday, and, along with his brother Russel, completed the septic system distribution box replacement job on Thursday.   The job ended up being more complicated than he thought and he made an unplanned trip to Salem to get parts he had not anticipated needing, all with a smile and a superbly professional, friendly, and kind attitude.   Before Cody and Russel left my farm, I initiated a discussion with him of a drainage project with which I would like his/their help this Fall.  I  recommend Solid Rock with no reservations and would be happy to speak with anyone on the telephone or via e-mail who wants to hear more from me directly about these two guys.  Cody and Russel are hard-working, honest, kind, extremely professional, and very skilled at their crafts.   

A. Hershman

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